ABraMASTO is a non-profit association that seeks to support patients with any form of mastocytosis or a disease related to mastocytosis. Although considered a "rare disease" the reality is that it is a poorly known disease, such that many people are living undiagnosed because it is easily mistaken for allergies! We support patients already diagnosed by offering referral from specialists.

We offer up-to-date information and expert support for physicians treating patients with the disease. But it is not enough because diagnostic tests, proper treatment, trained and updated doctors in the disease are lacking. We seek to change the reality of the present to a future where more and more patients are getting updated diagnosis and treatment by regional doctors. This is our goal.
With only $ 5 a day, YOU COLLABORATE in creating public policies, ensuring the rights of patients.
By donating $ 2 a day, YOU HELP create support groups where parents and patients can learn to defend themselves from the disease.
With less than just $ 2 a day, YOU HELP diagnose more patients living far away from medical centers.
By donating less than $ 1 a day, YOU HELP children and adults learn to have a better quality of life.
With your donation of less than $ 17 a day, YOU HELP investing in research seeking a CURE!
Brazilian Association of Mastocytosis and Rare Diseases
Our impact
patients attended through personal and written teaching and instruction and sending information
patients referred for specialist consultations throughout Brazil
doctors and health professionals who have received up-to-date publications and information
distributed information and public notices, reaching thousands of people
How can your donation help?
We can set up support groups in cities where patients live so they can learn how to achieve a better quality of life and how to protect themselves from the dangers of disease.
Your donation will help bring together Governors and Authorities, Laboratories, and the Pharmaceutical Industry so that patients can gain access to proper screening and treatment.
Your donation helps create events for patients and physicians at distant points so that patients unable to travel can be cared for and learn about their illness.
Your donation will help us create Scholarships to help ill-afforded patients get expensive tests or medicines or even private consultations with specialists.
Your donation will help ABraMASTO attend medical conferences to raise awareness among the Mastocytosis medical community and related diseases.
Your donation will help support Scientific Research, which may reveal more about the disease, hoping we can achieve cure and treatment for the patient.
"It was through AbraMasto that I got clarification about the disease. I spent years of my life living with 'a stranger' in myself and with the help, got proper treatment and today I know how to deal with the disease!"
Fernanda Pacheco
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