Vidas Raras
IVR is OSCIP and is governed by 4 pillars: Ethics, Honesty, Transparency and Commitment. With your donation we can change the reality of Brazil's Rare. Like? Encouraging scientific research; helping in the development of other associations; Promoting education and information to the Rare; Working with health and government authorities to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment, including the provision of quality medicines for treatment; Training health professionals through information about DRs.

Concerned and aware of the lack of information and public policies, we have sought, in every way, to collaborate and disclose to: government, society, the press and the medical profession, the serious consequences if patients do not have access to an early diagnosis, medication and supportive therapies. We are always mapping the difficulties faced by people with Rare Disease so they can look for solutions.
With just over $ 2 a day, you change the reality of rare disease people in Brazil
With just $ 1.6 a day you can empower healthcare professionals to know more about rare diseases.
With less than $ 2 a day, you help us save the lives of dozens of rare Brazilians.
With less than $ 1 you can change the life of a rare in Brazil through information.
At just $ 4 a day, you help us provide early diagnosis and guidance to people with rare diseases in Brazil.
Our impact
4 millions
people impacted by social media awareness campaigns.
number of partner associations.
calls in the year between Linha Rara and Escritório
healthcare professionals with access to our books "Rare Diseases A to Z" and "Rare Disease Compendium".
How can your donation help?
Your donation can help us impact more people with our rare disease lectures and awareness campaigns.
Your donation will help us change the scenario of rare diseases in Brazil, as we can fight even harder to ensure the right to life with laws that prioritize the rare and more so that the rare can be qualified and employed even with their limitations and conditions. shortcomings.
With their donation we can continue the work of orienting families, the search for public policies, clinical protocols, a greater understanding of rare diseases and can change the lives of millions of Brazilians who, with early diagnosis, may have treatment. appropriate before presenting sequelae of the disease.
For every R $ 40 a new health professional can receive information material about Rare Diseases.
"From the first contact with IVR, who asked for help in treating my father who has PNH, we were very well attended and we saw how serious and supportive the institute was."
João Paulo Rafael Bento
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